Videos for The Oregonian:

On a freelance assignment for The Oregonian, I shot and edited postgame interviews with Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts, center LaMarcus Alderidge, guard Damian Lillard, and forward JJ Hickson. Here’s the story.

Troutdale resident Melissa Coates shares her reasons for spreading love rocks in Troutdale after Reynolds High shooting

Brianna Malcolm talks about her win at Oregon Championships of Cornhole

Ryan Christiansen talks about how he got into playing cornhole at Oregon Championships of Cornhole

Forest Grove Public Works Director Rob Foster explains how problematic the intersection of Oregon 47 and Maple Street has been

Multimedia Projects for North by Northwestern:

Produced by Edwin D. Rios

The cabbie

I developed a “choose the adventure” graphic for this fiction piece about a cab driver recounting his experiences with four different passengers.

Photo essay of Chase Jackson by Edwin D. Rios / North by Northwestern

Behind the scenes at the A&O Fall Blowout

I shot photos and wrote captions for an essay of Chase Jackson, chairman of A&O productions, the night of the organization’s blowout concert, which featured Matt & Kim and Lupe Fiasco.

Produced by Edwin D. Rios / North by Northwestern.

Sports: 2011-2012 Northwestern Basketball Preview

I developed the interactive graphic for our annual Northwestern basketball preview in 2011. It won the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence award for Online Sports Reporting.


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